Don’t just take it from us, hear what the industry professionals have to say in the following Swarf Magic™ testimonials:

I have used Swarf Magic™ for over twelve years now, in many configurations and found that the time saved has saved me a lot of money, in the clean up , Which is usually done by way of broom or a strong magnet, this will cut out a lot of OWHS issues in the use of this tool in the near future.

T Nation – Registered Builder


My boss brought his invention to work, {Swarf Magic™} I was so surprised at how easy it attached to the nibbler, and in all its simplicity, easy to use, and even easer to empty,
What a great accessory.

J Blackman – Carpenter


Swarf Magic™ has now allowed me to cut corrugated iron on the roof , and not to have any punchings fall down onto the timber decking below, and then have the builder do a war dance and left to clean it all up, makes me happy.

G Plostans – Plumber


I had the luxury of borrowing my mates Swarf Magic™ , We were doing a high set home up on the Tablelands, a huge hippa, the time saved by being able to cut sheeting on the roof , neat ,no mess or fillings to be seen, probably saved me at lest two hours in clean up.

M Farrell – Registered Builder and Timber supplies


The inventor of Swarf Magic™ showed me the accessory for a nibbler. I was so impressed that I have ordered two straight away, as now my apprentice can be doing other tasks rather than cleaning up after me. Top job Tony.

Ross D – Plumber


I cut a lot of sheet metal and tin plate in my line of work, and now thanks to Swarf Magic™,
I will use my nibblers a lot more often, Rather than use the tin snips, I save so much time
no mess to clean up, thanks.

Bill F – Boilermaker


I want go to work unless I have the use of Swarf Magic™,

Max – Builder